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Debt Consolidation Solutions To Get Out of Debt

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Are you finding it hard to meet your repayments? Are you worried that you may lose your house, car or other assets if you can't meet your repayments in future? See how debt consolidation solutions can work for you...

How Debt Consolidation Can Work For You

  • Reduce your repayments - save thousands of dollars in interest,
  • One easy payment per month - simplify your life so you can get on with it, and
  • Pay off your deft faster - get on top of your finances quickly.

Customer Testimonial

"I never knew what a difference it would make to consolidate my debts. I was also unaware of the options available to me. If I had not found you, I might well have ended up losing my home. Thank you for all your help". Allison.


Example of How it Works

The table below shows a typical example of a person's loan situation.

debt consolidation table

This person has three loans totalling $24,500.00 and pays monthly interest of $353.75. Here's what would happen if they consolidated (assumes the right solution in this case is a new loan - this may not be the best solution in every case):

  • Cost to establish a new loan is $300.00
  • New loan interest rate is 7%
  • The new monthly interest payment is reduced to $144.00 (includes the $300 establishment fee).

That's a saving of $156 per month or $1872 per year!

In some cases you may qualify for a debt agreement. These agreements also consolidate all loans to one monthly payment with a low interest rate. So your savings could be even greater!

Your Next Step to Being Debt Free

We have helped hundreds of people like you to get out of debt and we can do the same for you. When you contact us you will get a free evaluation - no cost! When you talk to our expert consultants, you will be taking your first step towards financial freedom. So contact us now...

Free Consultation

Imagine not having to worry about how you will make your repayments each month. How much simpler will your life be with one easy repayment that could be much less than you pay now? You owe it to yourself to stop paying more than you really need to. Contact us now because we can make a difference for you!

The Biggest Mistake People Make...

Debt can have a compounding effect. What that means is that once you begin paying interest on interest, your debt can very quickly get out of control. If you take no action, nothing will change for you. So contact us today and let's make a difference for you:

  • Lower repayments
  • One simple monthly payment
  • Get out of debt faster.

If you have debts over $8000, then contact us to discuss a solution that will work for you.

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