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Debt Solutions to Get You Out of Debt


Here are just a few of the debt solutions available to you

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Being in debt is not fun. People who are experiencing severe levels of debt are consumed by the stress that it causes. It is difficult to sleep and very hard to concentrate as your mind is spinning. When you can't concentrate, this reflects on your job performance which just adds more stress.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get professional help. You need to keep your job and to free your mind of distractions. We can help you do that while working through a solution that will work for you. Here's how...

Debt Consolidation

Are you paying high interest on credit card debt, payday loans or personal loans? If so then debt consolidation might be a solution for you. In simple terms this involves taking out a low interest loan to pay off all your high interest loans. The result is:

  • Lower monthly interest fees which brings down the amount you have to pay monthly,
  • Only one monthly repayment which makes it much easier to manage, and
  • Peace of mind.

There are several ways to go about doing this depending on your circumstances. Talk to us about your situation; you might be surprised just how innovative we can be.

Debt Agreements

A debt agreement is an agreement between you and the people you owe money to about how you will pay them back. It is a formal arrangement. It is designed the service to help people who are in serious debt to avoid bankruptcy and get their lives back on track. It also provides some certainty for creditors.

There are some important consequences of debt agreements that you need to know about before you sign up. Please contact us to find out exactly what it might mean for you.

Once you are accepted for a debt agreement your creditors will immediately stop calling you. Instead that will deal with your administrator. This is fantastic because it immediately takes the stress off you and you can then resume a normal life.

There could be more good news! In some cases your creditors may we willing to accept repayment of only some of the amount owing. This means you will not have to pay the full amount owing. Talk to us about how we might make this happen for you.

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Voluntary Bankruptcy

This is the final option available to those who have no other way out. By declaring voluntary bankruptcy you can be debt free in three to four years. The process is underpinned by law and there is a process to follow. The government has designed the law to give you a chance to get your life back. Also there is no longer the stigma attached to bankruptcy that there once was.

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